Política de envío

  Shipping to U.S.A and territories , USPS Priority and First Class.

Please keep in mind that we make our moss gel in small batches. Use MOSS LYFE sea moss gel within 6 weeks of opening. It is recommended to keep the gel refrigerated after opening and throughout the duration of usage. A basic rule of thumb for expiry/best used by date on MOSS LYFE gel is; shipped within 3-4 days of processing, 2-3 days arrival (priority shipping), and then ADD 36 days upon the day of arrival, leaving you at about 6 weeks best if used by date.

 Please be patient with us concerning shipping we make our moss gel in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. We also chill our moss completely before shipping which may delay shipment. As you may know, due to COVID-19 shipping has slowed slightly with USPS but we are taking the necessary steps to prioritize our customers, their health, and needs in this time.

If you have any questions or problems regarding shipping or your order; please email us at officialmosslyfe@gmail.com